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Illustration "Dialog"
Diverse Wesen in einer Gruppe


Sense of community in times of polarisation: how journalists can counter the “us versus them”

— How sense of community impacts people's feelings and actions — and journalistic tools for a less polarising reporting: Part 3 of the article series "Psychology for Journalists" By Margarida Alpuim and Katja Ehrenberg
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Illustration "Medien"


Redakteur/-in und Community-Manager/-in (gn)

— Du wünschst Dir mehr Lösungsorientierung, Vielfalt und konstruktive Debatten in den Medien? Du möchtest aktiv daran mitwirken, dass guter Journalismus auch morgen noch relevant ist? Dann bist Du bei uns richtig! Bewirb Dich bis zum 06. März 2023
Redakteur/-in und Community-Manager/-in für das Bonn Institute (gn)
Wesen hantiert mit Buchstaben


The power of language: How words shape thoughts and emotions

— Important findings about the impact of language on people's worldviews, emotions and behaviours, as well as tools and tips for journalistic work: Part 2 of the article series "Psychology for Journalists".
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Illustration eines Kopfes


Biased world view: Understanding and avoiding cognitive filters and mental traps

— Part 1 of the articles series "Psychology for Journalists" by Katja Ehrenberg and Margarida Alpuim.
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Illustration eines Männchens


How insights from psychology can improve journalism

— Practical knowledge, tools and tips for journalism: In the Bonn Institute article series "Psychology for Journalists", we show how journalism can benefit from psychological research and findings.
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