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Placing people at the heart of what we do. Focusing on the future. Working today to be relevant tomorrow. This is our mission.

Constructive Skills

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We're driving journalism forward. We want it to serve people better and strengthen our democratic society.

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Constructive Skills

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Future of Journalism Global Award


Apply for the Future of Journalism Global Award through May 29th

— As part of the Global Constructive Journalism Conference, the Bonn Institute will present this year's Future of Journalism Global Award together with the Constructive Institute and the Solutions Journalism Network. Apply by May 29th.
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LVR Landesmuseum


The Global Constructive Journalism Conference is coming to Bonn

— "Listen Louder" is the theme of this year's Global Constructive Journalism Conference. The fourth edition is taking place at the LVR Landesmuseum in Bonn. Register now – it's free!
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A war reporter with camera


Study on constructive war reporting

— The Bonn Institute is undertaking a study on constructive war reporting to help journalists place people's needs at the centre of their coverage.
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  1. Konferenz

    15th DW Global Media Forum

    Two-day interdisciplinary journalism and media conference

    Online and in the World Conference Center Bonn

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