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Our Concept

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We're driving journalism forward. We want it to serve people better and strengthen our democratic society. To achieve this, we're making it more solutions-oriented, richer in perspective and increasingly dialogue-based. We want people to trust journalism, and we want journalism to help them make decisions that benefit their lives.

Gute Zukunft
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We support journalism that places people at the centre of the story, highlights solutions and is socially responsible. As a networking organisation for the media industry, the Bonn Institute conducts research, facilitates the exchange of best practices and disseminates knowledge.

We work with media companies and research institutes to analyse the impacts of constructive approaches, and we share the resulting conclusions in the form of publications, events and professional training opportunities.

Through our inspiring offerings, the Bonn Institute helps media decision-makers develop a compass for the media world of tomorrow.


Solutions-oriented and constructive: This is the formula for how we at the Bonn Institute work. We value and respect everyone we work with, both internally and externally – this is the basis of constructive collaboration. We are a transparent, responsible organisation that works cooperatively.

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