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Knowledge transfer, debates, events – our b° newsletter shows you what constructive journalism can do for the industry and society. Stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter.

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Here you can find our newsletter archive in case you missed an issue:

38: bº Newsletter from 25.04.2024: Constructive Review of IJF24 – Take-aways of the b° community from Perugia

37: bº Newsletter from 11.04.2024: How are you really? We need to talk about global mental health

36: bº Newsletter from 14.03.2024: Disability journalism: The Dos and Don'ts

35: bº Newsletter from 29.02.2024: Hello stress! Do you tend to 'tend and befriend'?

34: bº Newsletter from 15.02.2024: Apply to be a speaker at b° future 2024

33: bº Newsletter from 01.02.2024: Stories that made a difference

32: bº Newsletter from 18.01.2024: News Avoidance: Is there a quick fix that works?

31: bº Newsletter from 14.12.2023: What's your New Year's Resolution for journalism?

30: bº Newsletter from 30.11.2023: Bye, bye bias?

29: bº Newsletter from 16.11.2023: Constructive journalism without borders

28: bº Newsletter from 02.11.2023: Is podcasting the future of constructive journalism?

27: bº Newsletter from 19.10.2023: Constructive journalism in times of war

28: bº Newsletter from 05.10.2023: AI and the future of constructive journalism

27: bº Newsletter from 21.09.2023: Takeaways from #bff23

26: bº Newsletter from 07.09.2023: Unlock the Power of Appreciative Inquiry in Journalism

25: bº Newsletter from 24.08.2023: The power of visuals

24: bº Newsletter from 10.08.2023: bº future festival program highlights

23: b° Newsletter from 27.07.2023: Can climate journalism beat the heat?

22: b° Newsletter from 13.07.2023: Did Generative AI write this newsletter?

21: b° Newsletter from 29.06.2023 LGBTQI+ inclusive reporting – not just during Pride

20: b° Newsletter from 14.06.2023 #DNR23 – How to Combat News Avoidance

19: b° Newsletter from 18.05.2023 Journalistic values and values in journalism

18: b° Newsletter from 04.05.2023 Can restoring trust in media support press freedom?

17: b° Newsletter from 20.04.2023 Learning by Doing Constructive Journalism

16: b° Newsletter from 06.04.2023 Can journalism promote a sense of community?

15: b° Newsletter from 23.03.2023 | Racial and Gender Equity in Newsrooms | Meet Kübra Gümüşay | Improving Inclusivity in Coverage

14: b° Newsletter from 09.03.2023 | User Needs | New research on climate reporting | Local Journalism Collaborations

13: b° Newsletter from 16.02.2023 | Core Values | Constructive Questions | Journalism Training

12: b° Newsletter from 09.02.2023 | The power of language | Constructive journalism in the Arab world | Learning from mediators

11: b° Newsletter from 26.01.2023 | What can psychology teach us about journalism? | Tips for fighting biases | Meet Katja and Margarida

10: b° Newsletter from 16.12.2022 | NEW study: Can you constructively cover war?

09: b° Newsletter from 24.11.2022 | What's innovative today? | The foreign correspondent's role | Door-knocking for sources

08: b° Newsletter from 10.11.2022 | News literacy resources | King Midas effect | Maldita's digital debunking

07: b° Newsletter from 27.10.2022 | Future thoughts | What young people really want from media

06: b° Newsletter from 13.10.2022 | A new French TV report | Constructive debates | Get connected!

05: b° Newsletter from 29.09.2022 | Diversity and sharing soup | Haaretz21 | Dropping in on The Daily

04: b° Newsletter from 15.09.2022 | Tips to avoid greenwashing traps | Where constructive local journalism has paid off | Mensagem's café approach

03: b° Newsletter from 01.09.2022 | A chat about trust | Meet Hanna Israel | b° in NYC

02: b° Newsletter from 18.08.2022 | Meet Wolfgang Blau | Improve your climate coverage | "Transformative Journalism"

01: b° Newsletter from 04.08.2022 | Welcome to the Bonn Institute newsletter! | Who YOU are | Summer happenings

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Knowledge transfer, debates, events – our b° newsletter shows you what constructive journalism can do for the industry and society. Stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter.

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