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Conflict, catastrophe, climate change: Is it possible to break out of the endless cycle of bad news?

We see every day how crucial it is that journalism offer people different perspectives and ways to take action, instead of leaving them alone with apocalypse scenarios.

Many media houses and editorial departments are already contributing to this shift. They are developing new formats and ways of asking questions and creating a reporting practice that is more solutions-oriented and broader in perspective.

Real-world examples of constructive journalism:

Tips and solutions from media experts

The book "Journalism on the Couch" presents practical insights, success stories and suggestions from leading figures in German media.

Special case: War reporting

Journalist Ronja von Wurmb-Seibel spent two years reporting from Kabul, Afghanistan. There she learned that even in times of war, it's possible to report on people who are trying to find peace – and that no story in the world is worth someone's death.

Constructive journalism study

"Solutions, perspectives, dialogue: Why constructive journalism pays off for the media and societies," commissioned by the Grimme Institute and conducted by b° CEO Ellen Heinrichs, looks at the impacts of constructive journalism.

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