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We're driving journalism forward. We want it to serve people better and strengthen our democratic society.

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Constructive Skills

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Drei Fahrradfahrer fahren am Nyhavn in Kopenhagen entlang


10 pieces of advice for better climate journalism

— Climate journalism hasn't kept up with the needs of news consumers, who increasingly want guidance and solutions showing how they can get involved. Kristoffer Frøkjær, a former Constructive Institute fellow and science journalist, has compiled scientifically based, straightforward advice that can help coverage evolve in the right direction.
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A panel onstage


A week of constructive perspectives

— From June 20-22, the Bonn Institute not only participated in Deutsche Welle's Global Media Forum but also co-hosted the Constructive Journalism Conference in Bonn with the Constructive Institute. The evening before this conference, the Bonn Institute organized a get-together with German public broadcaster NDR. Here are some impressions.
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Ein Foto von Jay Rosen.

In the media

Jay Rosen on why journalism must be problem-solving

— In a recent interview with Medienmacher, Bonn Institute Trustee Jay Rosen discussed why a constructive and solutions-oriented approach is essential to journalism's survival, and why the industry is reluctant to change.
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  1. Online-Workshop

    b° here, b° there, b° everywhere: Wie gelingt perspektivenreiche Berichterstattung?

    17:00 Uhr bis 18:00 Uhr

    Der Kurs findet digital via Zoom statt.

  2. Konferenz

    Constructive Journalism Day

    10-17 Uhr

    Rolf-Liebermann-Studio, Hamburg

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