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The b° future festival for journalism and constructive dialogue is entering a new round. Be there from October 3-5, 2024. We look forward to seeing you!

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Pressefotograf in Kampfhandlung

Constructive Opportunities and Challenges

Constructive Journalism in Times of War

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Our Concept

We're driving journalism forward. We want it to serve people better and strengthen our democratic society.


Constructive journalism in practice

We offer a space where media professionals and pioneers alike can share their knowledge and experiences.

Constructive Journalism
Abstrakte Darstellung von Kommunikationselementen mit einem lachenden Charakter, einem Mikrofon und stilisierten Mediengeräten, um die Dynamik der Medienpsychologie zu veranschaulichen.


The Harvard Principles applied to journalism: From conflicting positions to constructive dialogues

— How journalists can get inspiration from mediation principles to develop and use constructive practices for dialogue when moderating discussions and reporting on divisive issues. Part 11 of the series “Psychology for Journalists”. By Margarida Alpuim and Katja Ehrenberg
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Zeichnung eines Männchens, welches auf einer Box steht


Psychological effects of power: What journalists need to know

— Being powerful or powerless affects what we pay attention to and how we think, feel, make decisions, and behave. Find out how to recognise particular signals of power or powerlessness in others and how to use your own power constructively in your everyday journalistic practice. Part 10 of our article series “Psychology for Journalists”. By Margarida Alpuim and Katja Ehrenberg
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Diverse Figuren in allen Formen und Größen repräsentieren die Diversität von Menschen


Unboxing people: How to de-construct clichés and counter prejudice in reporting

— Social categorisation, prejudice and the role of the media: Relevant research findings and scientifically solid tools and tips for editorial practice to responsibly counter social divisions and hate. Part 9 of the "Psychology for Journalists'' article series
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  1. Online-Workshop

    -ausgebucht- Mental Health im Journalismus

    15 bis 17 Uhr

    Das Event findet digital via Zoom statt.

  2. Online-Workshop

    Mental Health im Journalismus

    16 bis 18 Uhr

    Das Event findet digital via Zoom statt.

  3. Online-Kurs

    Grundlagen konstruktiver Journalismus

    15 Uhr bis 16.30 Uhr

    Der Kurs findet digital via Zoom statt.

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