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Jay Rosen on why journalism must be problem-solving

Ein Foto von Jay Rosen.

In a recent interview with Alexandra Borchardt from Medieninsider, Bonn Institute Trustee and NYU Professor of Journalism Jay Rosen discussed why a constructive and solutions-oriented approach is essential to journalism's survival, and why the industry is reluctant to change.

Adopting new constructive practices will require a shift in mentality, he explained, as newsrooms are used to uncovering problems, not focusing on how to fix them or providing deeper understanding. But change is already happening on the ground.

If our newsrooms cannot learn how to become more helpful in problem-solving, they won’t survive as influential.

Rosen also examined what it means to work in journalism in today's anti-democratic political environments and why impartiality is a slippery term.

You can read the entire interview in English on Medieninsider's website.

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