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Apply for the Future of Journalism Global Award through May 29th

Future of Journalism Global Award

Help us find the best constructive and solutions journalism story related to conflict and determine who deserves to win the Future of Journalism Global Award 2022. As part of the 4th Global Constructive Journalism Conference, the Bonn Institute will present this year's prize together with the Constructive Institute and the Solutions Journalism Network.

At a time of increased polarisation and ongoing conflicts, our organisations are joining forces to honour the best examples of constructive and solutions-focused reporting related to conflict, whether at a global, national or local level.

We are looking for reports and formats of all kinds that demonstrate the constructive power of journalism. We want to see coverage that serves excluded communities, includes a broad range of perspectives, and embraces the nuances and complexity of a divisive issue, but that also engenders agency, hope and dialogue by reporting on responses to the issue and engaging the public in conversation on potential solutions.

If you or someone you know has produced an exemplary piece of inspiring, engaging and nuanced constructive journalism about a conflict, send a short description in English to info@constructiveinstitute.org by 11:59 pm on May 29th. Your nomination should include the name of the author(s), the name of the publication where it appeared and a link to the work.

Note: The story must have been published after Jan 1, 2021. If the story was not published in English, please provide a translation or subtitles.

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